Top Cloud Security Challenges Steps to Improve Cloud Security

But a misconfiguration by your organization can open the door to security breaches. The documentation from the cloud service provider can also be used by cybercriminals to pinpoint and exploit vulnerabilities and steal sensitive data. However, unlike in a traditional data center, managing cloud-based computing services involves sharing the responsibility for mitigating any risks and threats with the cloud service provider.

cloud security issues and solutions

A cloud is a powerful tool that can help organizations reduce costs and improve the efficiency of their operations. However, cloud computing presents new security challenges that must be addressed to protect data and ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. Although an attack from within your company may seem implausible, the insider threat does occur.

How to overcome or avoid cloud security challenges and issues?

Cyber threats such as malware, data breach, and phishing are just a few of the challenges organizations face when using cloud computing. Users can protect themselves using strong passwords, security questions, and two-factor authentication to access their accounts. They can also monitor their account activity and take steps to protect themselves from unauthorized access or usage. This will help ensure that hackers cannot access their data or hijack their accounts.

Identity Management Institute® is the leading global certification organization serving professionals in identity governance, access management, and data protection. A breach in an organization’s data will inevitably lead to a loss of customers, which ultimately impacts the firm’s revenue. Key security protocols such as protection of user passwords and access restrictions are the client’s responsibility.

Specific Compliance Requirements

Requiring all nonapproved cloud services be reviewed and approved by a cloud security architect or third-party risk management. This limited visibility, CSA said, leads to lack of governance, awareness and security — all of which can result in cyber attacks, data loss and breaches. A responsibility of the customer and new to the list this year, the cloud control plane is the collection of cloud administrative consoles and interfaces used by an organization.

cloud security issues and solutions

Employees and cloud security professionals must know all the above loopholes so that they can deal it in a much better way. System vulnerabilities present several cloud computing security issues and challenges – such as unsafe operating systems and shared memory and resources. These can often become gateways to significant data thefts, acting as the entry points to malicious attacks. Security is one of the top concerns of commercial and personal users of cloud computing services. Our remote era is consistently reminded of data breaches and cyber attacks through the news and first-hand. And, while you may not be able to implement protections yourself, you can find the right talent to install them for you.

DoS and DDoS Attack

Until organizations become proficient at securing their various cloud services, adversaries will continue to exploit misconfigurations. Attack surface can also include subtle information leaks that lead to an attack. For example, CrowdStrike’s team of threat hunters found an attacker using sampled DNS request data gathered over public WiFi to work out the names of S3 buckets. CrowStrike stopped the attack before the attackers did any damage, but it’s a great illustration of risk’s ubiquitous nature. Even strong controls on the S3 buckets weren’t enough to completely hide their existence. As long as you use the public Internet or cloud, you’re automatically exposing an attack surface to the world.

  • While this is an issue for on-premises environments, it certainly creates cloud computing risk issues and security challenges as well.
  • Misconfiguration of cloud infrastructure is a leading contributor to data breaches.
  • Regardless of the great advantages, saving a firm’s workloads to a cloud service that is publicly hosted exposes the organization to new data security risks which cause unease for some firms’ IT departments and clients.
  • Anything from storage breaches to relaxed policies on system access has left 84% of workplace IT teams worried they have been hacked and haven’t discovered it yet.
  • Data stored on cloud servers can be lost through a natural disaster, malicious attacks, or a data wipe by the service provider.
  • One important method is for your passwords to be tested for strength, which tools like Kaspersky Password Manger provide.

According to an article named “Office 365 Security and Share Responsibility” by Skyfence, users should consider high measures of security as the most delicate part of securing their data is firmly in their hands. Many more risks are involved with exposing private data to public servers. A state of non-compliance with any of these bodies lands companies in a lot of trouble.

Cloud Software Supply Chain Vulnerabilities

Cloud deployments only give you partial visibility and control over your infrastructure. The result is that legal and regulatory compliance become significant cloud security challenges, so you will need to implement special cloud compliance solutions. A lot of sensitive and valuable data is stored in public cloud infrastructure, which is directly accessible from the internet.

cloud security issues and solutions


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